DMED 160
Web Server Administration
Spring 201


Current Readings
Please note you will be responsible for all the material covered in each reading listed.

Week Topic Material
1 Getting Started Chapter 01
Chapter 02
2 Configuring Apache Chapter 04
An Amble Through Apache Configuration
3 Basic Websites Chapter 05
Directives (terms defined, overview)
Response Headers (overview,
field definitions, doc)
.htaccess (tutorial 1, tutorial 2)
4 Virtual Hosts Chapter 06
Simplifying your life ....
Apache Documentation
5 Authentication Chapter 10
Apache Docs Authentication Overview
Apache Docs 2.2
Using User Authentication
Restricting Website Access w/Apache 2
Apache HTTP authentication with PHP
Apache authentication and authorisation using LDAP
6 Exam I (23 February)  
7 Content Description and Modification Apache doc: Module MIME
Apache doc: Content Negotiation
Rewrite URLs With Content Negotiation
Apache Week: Content Negotiation Explained
Apache doc: Module mod_negotiation
Apache doc: Filters
Language support in Apache through negotiation
8 Indexing
Apache Doc mod_autoindex
Apache Doc mod_alias
Apache Doc mod_rewrite
Webmaster World An Introduction to Redirecting
HTMLSource URL Rewriting
9 Proxying Apache Doc mod_proxy
#Administration proxying
Server Watch Reverse Proxying
Apache Tutor reverse proxying
10 Logging Chapter 11
Error Log
Log Level
mod_log_config (Transfer Log / Access Log)
11 Exam II (05 April)  
12 Security Apache Docs SSL FAQ
Apache Docs mod_ssl
13 Running a Big Web Site Load Balancing & High Availability Content Management
14 Building Applications HTTP 1.1 Method Definitions
To GET or to POST?
What's this PUT thing anyway?
15 PHP  
16 mod_jserv and Tomcat  
Finals ALL (15 May) Be Nice to Johnny Week


Reference Links
Top Ten No Sympathy Lines

HTTP Server


Directives Quick Reference

mod_proxy (FTP support) mod_proxy


SMTP Mock Apache SMTP

Reference Page

Quick Tutorial
Tomcat Project Site
MySQL Community Edition

PHP Site

Apache related
TextPad A good text editor
VMWare Free Player
IT Interest Inventory Free Test
Exam Study Guides Helpful Hints and Previous Answers
Netcraft Web Usage Stats
NoodleTools Use for creating MLA or APA references for papers. Note: You will need to log in with your HCC library account.
Others If you have other useful links, let me know. I'll be happy to post suggested sites.


Assignment 01 - Due 05 February Assignment 02 - Due 12 February
Assignment 03 - Due 19 February Assignment 04 - Due 04 March
Assignment 05 - Due 25 March Assignment 06 - Due 25 March
Assignment 07 - Due 01 April Assignment 08 - Due 15 April
Assignment 09 - Due 06 May Assignment 10 - Due 13 May


Paper 1 - Due 26 February Paper 2 - Due 15 May